How Clippingfactory Works

Basicly just upload your files, get a quote in 5 minutes and checkout.
You will receive your finished files in 3, 12 or 24 hours.
Upload Your Images

Fast and User Friendly You Can upload many files at once. By the way our daily capacity is more than 4000 images!

Get Quote in 5 Minutes

Our representatives will give you price in 5 minutes. Real Live Service!

Download Finished Files

Download finished files in 3 hours with Express Service*, 12 hours with Rush Service or 24 hours with standard service. Guaranteed!

File Transfer Options

You can choose your own method for sending your images to and receiving them from Clipping Factory.

By default this takes place using the Clipping Factory file uploader.

You can select the images you wish to have clipped and, by clicking 'upload', the images will be copied to the Clipping Factory servers automatically. It's that easy!

You can upload your images with no limits.

If you have a quantity of images that will be hard to upload on the website, then we can create you an FTP account where you can upload your files.

Want to use FTP upload?

Please send an email to if you feel more comfortable uploading to an FTP server.

We will provide you our FTP information right away.

File Types

We recommend you provide:

.JPG, .PNG, .PSD, .TIF or .PDF files for output.