Investing on ghost mannequin

Being an owner of a retail or e-commerce apparel store, you have always been using an old-style mannequin for apparel shoots. The time has come to move along.

Posted on December 26, 2018

Ghost mannequins are simple devices that you should be ready to invest in. Ghost mannequin is also known as an invisible mannequin. They help you in achieving high-quality product images in a very less amount of time and an accurate manner. It would be the just right tool to increase your efficiency as well as drive more sales. 

What is this ghost in ghost mannequin?

Have you ever doubted how in certain product pictures, the attire looks like it’s worn on a mannequin but the mannequin is nowhere visible? That is a ghost mannequin. It used to give your product images a hollow effect where all unnecessary elements are removed, and only the product image is kept over a white background in general. This is usually used by businesses to give their product images a more specialized touch. This helps in achieving uniformity over their webpages and catalogs. 

Traditional vs. Ghost mannequins

Both old - style and contemporary ghost mannequin appear quite same. The clue where all the difference is in the design. The ghost mannequin comes with detachable body parts; you can put your apparel over the mannequin and remove all extra parts or can take help of a creative designer to remove all unnecessary things with the help of graphics. 

Importance of white background for online portfolios

In this era of e-commerce and online business, the most important aspects of doing good in business are accessibility and marketability. The most important benefit of using a white or at times off - white background can allow your products to be on various platforms as it qualifies norms of many retail stores online. 

Moreover, white background images are more preferred than others as they enhance the product more and allows the viewer to focus on the product than on the background. There are more reasons for this too starting from product images looking consistent and clean. With the use of white background, the file size can be dramatically reduced. 

It is always most important to be visually appealing. Investing regularly on models and mannequins can add up more cost. Investing in ghost mannequin approach can save loads of money and time. This also adds up to the reliability and flexibility. Anyone starting from a small startup to a big brand can use ghost mannequins. 

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